State Certification 3rd Party Inspections

State Certification

In states which allow for 3rd Party inspections, Tempest’s QEI will be able to gain the authority to perform state certifications, which we have already done in the state of Illinois. The OEM will never be able to accomplish this due to “conflict of interest.” We can schedule the inspections to be performed during times when the production at your site is historically at its lowest to contribute to your maximum production and availability goals. Noted deficiencies will be met with suggested corrective action to ensure your elevators remain in-use with safety being our top priority.

Site/Model Specific Certification Classes

Tempest will tailor a certification class specific to your site, jurisdiction, and model of an elevator. Not only will the class include coverage of functions and safety for your elevator but as well coverage of the local requirements under current regulation. This knowledge will not only inform your technicians but will help to make their utilization of the elevators safer. We share our curriculum with the AHJ to show the level of safety on your site as well working with them to continue to improve welcoming their feedback.

View of a wind turbine inspection from the top at the propellor