Annual Maintenance

Tempest Group staff is trained on OSHA and OEM standards as a minimum. Our highly trained professionals have the ability to work with the client to keep the turbine running while we are on-site and can also check up-tower elevator components during their routine O&M tasks. We will also conduct regular inquiries on your behalf to assess the AHJ’s desire to begin regulation under ASME A17.8, to ensure there are no surprises on the horizon that can result in sealed elevators on your wind farm. We tailor our inspections to your particular product, tower, and design giving you the highest quality service available. Tempest will ensure your elevators run at their highest level of operation, so your technicians will be able to utilize their most valuable tool in the field for the life of the wind farm.

Tempest Group can service, install and maintain any manufacturers’ equipment, and we are Tractel Certified Repair Center, and vendor. Tempest can provide you with a QEI to do any AHJ 3rd party inspections. Our mechanics are “wind ready” with over 31 years experience working on wind turbine equipment of all kinds.

Wind turbine elevator shaft door in foreground of a sunset view of a row of wind turbines.