• Tempest Group is first and foremost in wind turbine elevator safety.

  • Our customized services result in 100% compliant operational units, increasing your overall efficiency.

  • Tempest Group performs required safety training for wind techs on all manufacturers’ equipment.

Tempest Group, Inc. is a proud member of AWEA.
Tempest Group was the first full-spectrum wind turbine elevator company in the United States. We have a very high level of expertise on all manufacturers of wind turbine elevators. Tempest is focused on the highest quality of service and maintenance in the wind industry. Safety compliance is our foremost priority, specializing in ASME A17.8, which is code for wind turbine elevators. Tempest Group works hard to ensure your wind turbine elevators are safe, and can meet the high standards of ASME A17.8, and cover exactly what your local AHJ (Areas Having Jurisdiction) require. Tempest Group has a QEI (Qualified Elevator Inspector) on staff, and working in the field to assure this. There is no “one size fits all” solution and Tempest works to mitigate the cost and effect of your site with no compromise to safety.

About Us

Tempest Group was the first full-spectrum Wind Turbine Elevator (WTE) company in the U.S., offering extensive expertise on all manufacturer’s equipment. Our foremost priority is assuring your elevators run as smoothly and safely as possible. Tempest Group can remove, rebuild and replace Tractel® BlocStops on site, nationwide.

Full Spectrum Services

Whether your business requires a compliance assessment or a wind turbine elevator inspection, our team of mechanics are “wind ready”. With over 86 years’ combined expertise in the elevator industry, our team possesses impressive breadth of expertise including servicing, repairing, modernizing, installing and inspecting all elevator manufacturers world-wide.

Affiliates and Partners

Our partners trust our extensive expertise in wind turbine elevator safety. Tempest Group is proud to be a Business Member of AWEA, Women of Wind Energy, and the American Sustainable Business Council. These membership affiliations strengthen and extend Tempest Group’s commitment to education, training and compliance guidelines toward robust growth of the wind energy industry in the U.S. and globally.


Map of Tempest Group's wind power projects