Cynthia E. Cuenin
General Manager, and Founder
CFO of Tempest Group, Inc.

Ms. Cynthia Cuenin founded Tempest Group, Inc. in February of 2013. Cynthia has worked for three decades in management, sales and human resources, managing many large companies with over 150 employees at any given time. A knowledgeable and seasoned professional, Cynthia opened an elevator company, Cuenin Elevator Corporation, in 2012. While operating Cuenin Elevator, she realized the growing need and opportunity for wind turbine elevators on the horizon. Following months of research, Cynthia opened Tempest Group, a company that was 100% devoted to the wind industry and catered exclusively to that audience.

Cynthia is a member of ASME and currently sits on the ASME Wind Turbine Elevator committee. She is active with A17.1 to ensure she is “in the loop” on the latest information coming out of ASME. Cynthia Cuenin and Lead Field Mechanic, Dave Smith has helped to write, and publish the code on the ASME A17.1.5.11, which is now A17.8 (wind turbine elevator) committee since before the code was published at year-end, 2013.

Engineers looking at wind turbine site with tablet